The “Eastern Station” power station is a natural gas-powered facility, which is intended for construction within the jurisdiction of the South Sharon Regional Council surrounded by Highways 6, 444 and 55.

Following the government authorization, the Company submitted a plan for the construction of the power station to the National Infrastructures Committee as a national infrastructure project with an installed generating capacity of up to 1,300 Megawatts. This station will be serving customers in the center of the country and nationwide, employing innovative, environmentally friendly technology, which uses natural gas as the fuel for generating the energy. It will connect to the Israel Electric Corporation’s power transmission grid.

The State of Israel is working to switch to electricity generation using natural gas, partly due to the efficient, clean production of electricity from natural gas. Power Stations generating electricity from natural gas are common in many countries, including Israel, where many natural gas-powered stations have already been built and many additional stations are planned for the coming years. Natural gas is considered to be a clean source of energy, hence the use of natural gas contributes to a significant reduction in air pollution deriving from the use of liquid fuels (such as diesel fuel, fuel oil etc.) and coal.

The site intended for the erection of the Eastern Station complies with the criteria set by the State and is located in close proximity to electricity and natural gas infrastructures, which will reduce the need for routing lengthy lines and for opening long new and existing infrastructure corridors.

The visual design of the station has also been done with the intention of reducing the visual-environmental impacts to a minimum, blending it into the natural landscape as much as possible.