Reindeer Energy Ltd. was established to develop and build a natural gas-powered power station in the center of the country. The motivation is that the center of the country is on the one hand highly electrical energy-intensive while having a well-developed transmission network for gas and electricity, while on the other hand it is under-resourced when it comes to electricity generation resources. The company has, therefore, set its sights on finding a site in central Israel, optimally suitable for building a conventional natural gas-powered power station generating substantial power output, in order to fulfill the growing demand for electricity.

The company’s shareholders are: Engineering giant Siemens AG and the Reindeer partnership. The company is under the management of Itay Rochman (also serves as the company’s CEO) and Moshe Krieger (the company’s VP)

In April 2017 the Israeli government has ordinated Reindeer Energy to serve the National Infrastructure Board (of the planning administration under the ministry of finance) with the plans for the establishment the power plant as a national infrastructure project.

In October 2017 the National Infrastructure Board has decided to publish notices under paragraphs 77 and 78 of the planning and construction law regarding the preparation of a working-plan for a natural-gas power plant – the Eastern Plant.

In May 2019 the National Infrastructure Board resulted to forward the plan to the county committees for advisements following by its publishing for public viewing and any public critique that may arise.